Consider Using A Hidden Camera When Conducting Job Interviews

July 9th, 2019

The job interview is important, and not just for the person who wants the position.  It’s also an opportunity for an employer to sound out a new hire, and interview evaluation is just as much a skill as interview taking.  In fact, job interviews are so important that many Bethany, MO businesses record them, and there are several good reasons why:

  • If someone accuses you of prejudicial hiring practices, interview recordings can illustrate why you did or didn’t hire a particular applicant.

  • The recordings can help interviewers learn how to ask better questions or understand what responses to look for.  Even if you conducted the interviews yourself, you can often learn something new by watching yourself from a different angle.

  • Reviewing the recording can often show you something you missed in the moment.

If the camera in question is also hidden and mobile, like one concealed in a watch, you can bring it with you and record the interview even if you conduct it in a public place like a Bethany, MO restaurant or coffee shop.  However, you’ll need to know how to use your camera to get decent footage.

Research The Features

Cameras, hidden and otherwise, can come with all kinds of useful features.  Some can see in low-light conditions, others can zoom or autofocus, and hidden cameras often come with durable and water-resistant casings.  Before you buy a hidden camera, do some research on which features you get from each model and consider which ones you might need and which ones you can safely do without.  This will help you find the right design without going over your budget.

Practice With It

If you’ve ever taken a picture of your thumb or forefinger, you know that a camera isn’t as easy to use as you might like.  So before you bring your new hidden camera to a real job interview, test it out to see how it works.  Identify where the camera lens is and learn how to point it at the right locations, figure out the controls so you can start and stop the recordings without making it obvious, and otherwise learn how to be casual with your hidden camera while still getting the best footage possible.

Keep It In Good Condition

Your hidden camera won’t do you any good if you let the battery charge die five minutes into the interview.  You also won’t record anything if the buttons don’t work.  If you want to keep using a hidden camera for interviews, make sure that hidden camera is in good shape and give it a test to see if it’s still in good shape before each interview.

Interviews are important moments, both for the company doing the hiring and the person being interviewed.  Hidden cameras can capture some candid moments, but only if you know how to use them.  For more information on which hidden cameras work best and what the law says about secret recordings in Bethany, MO, contact North MO Satellite and Security today.